A Meeting Place | 会议地点

Chinese Arts Centre

This section features Kwong Lee, discussing his involvement with the Chinese Arts Centre - firstly as an artist, and then a member of staff. He is still on the current board of trustees and artistic committee at the CFCCA today. 

Pictured (right): Chinese opera workshop at the Chinese Arts Centre, view archival record here

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In 1989, the Chinese Art Centre was opened at 36 Charlotte Street. It was established with a clear mission statement: to reconnect the younger generation of Chinese-heritage people living in Manchester with Chinese artistic traditions, as well as to educate the public about Chinese culture and heritage. 

Pictured (above): Chinese painting workshop, 1993. View archival record here

Pictured (right): Mary Tang demonstrating origami at a workshop. '92 10 26' is written on the photograph. View archival record here

Photograph - Mary Tang origami workshop

Pictured (left): Chinese opera workshop for children at the Chinese Art Centre. View archival record here

In need of a larger venue, the Chinese Arts Centre moved to Edge Street in Manchester's Northern Quarter in 1996. In 2003, they left the Edge Street site for their current building on Thomas Street, which was developed with the help of funding from Arts Council England.

Pictured (right): Chinese Art Centre on Edge Street. View archival record here

Photograph of Chinese Art Centre exterio

This section includes a field recording of a group of two hundred female buddhist devotees chanting at a buddhist ceremony at the Chen Xiang Monastery in Shanghai (China) accompanied by several percussion instruments: muyu, drum, bells, and cymbals. They are chanting using the Shanghainese dialect. Recorded by Kevin Luce, click here to listen to the full recording. 

Pictured (right): Educational Booklet 'Chinese Musical Instruments', produced by Chinese Arts Centre. View in archive here