A Meeting Place | 会议地点

Chinese New Year Celebrations

In ​this section, interviewees recall their memories of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Manchester - the lion dancing, parades, performances, and how the celebrations have grown in recent years. 

Pictured (right): Flyer for the Chinese New Year celebrations at the opening of Nora Fok exhibition 'Galaxies' at the Centre, 1998. View archival record here


Flyer 'Happy New Year' (GB3451:OC:6:2:6:
Photograph of a Chinese New Year worksho

Pictured (left): Mary Tang and the public visitors at a Chinese New Year workshop, view archival record here


Pictured (right): Image of artist Mary Tang running a calligraphy workshop for the Chinese New Year. See archival record here


Photograph of Chinese New Year calligrap

This section features field recordings of the dragon dancing and drums recorded during the Well Wishing Festival 2019 to celebrate Chinese New Year, held in Hong Kong, Click here to listen to the recordings. 

Pictured (right): Chinese New Year celebrations at Chinese Art Centre 1997, for the opening of the new venue on Edge Street. See archival record here