A Meeting Place | 会议地点

Dialects and Identity

​In this section, the interviewees talk about the linguistic and cultural barriers that can arise within Manchester’s Chinese community (which was - and continues to be - made up of people from all over China) as well as the rewarding new relationships and identities that come out of living side by side with people from different backgrounds.

Pictured (right): 35mm slide of the 'Heart Sutra' installation by Chun-Chao Chiu at the Chinese Arts Centre, 2001. View archival record here


'Heart Sutra' Installation View (GB3451:
Chinese calligraphy (GB3451:OC:A:7:14).j

Pictured (left): Chinese Calligraphy. View archival record here


Pictured (right): installation 'Imported' by Anna Lee at the Chinese Art Centre in 2001. View archival record here


Digital Record ''Imported' at CAC #4' (G

This section includes a field recording of a teacher playing the guqin in a music store in Beijing, recorded by Xavier Serra in 2012. To listen to the full unedited recording click here.

Pictured (left): Educational booklet produced by the Chinese Art Centre on Chinese musical instruments. View archival record here